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New USB Turbo Charger proporta

Posted by jestin Friday, December 4, 2009

Proporta USB Turbo Charger 1200   External Battery Pack Review by DJRipster

Proporta is a company that designs and manufactures accessories for your various gadgets,mobiles, laptops, cameras and many more. I was given the unique opportunity of writing a review for one of their products.

www.Proporta.com is an easy to use website. The left column helps you select the category of your choice and browse the various products that are available under each category. I was interested in reviewing an item under the mobile category, so I quickly expanded that mobile section, wondering for awhile why the iPhone and the blackberry had their own categories. One item that quickly caught my eye among the many in their catalog was the USB turbo charger. It came in two variants: the 3400mAH and the 1200mAH versions.

While I would have loved to get my hands on the 3400 version, I will be reviewing the 1200 version instead. I know I will be taking the charger to task as my test subjects include the Nokia N97 which has a chunky 1500mAh battery.

The description on the site was clear and precise. It said that I could charge my mobile several times, which of course I was skeptical of, since most of the modern mobile phone batteries can drain the charger in just one-go. However I am excited to get my hands on this unit. The USB Charger 1200 costs £ 30.89 including shipping and VAT, and the shopping process is simple enough to use.

I was surprised that the package was shipped fairly quickly, in less than 10 days I received the neat package from Proporta. My wife graciously offered to help me make an un-boxing review which follows:

The travel charger is small and sleek, and feels nice in the hand; Proporta also provides a velvet carry case which contains 6 adaptors and an extendable cable. One this I noticed was that the USB cable that plugged the charger onto AC power was very short. While this would probably suit laptop users, a desktop user would not enjoy having the charger hanging off the USB port or the AC socket. Since I didn’t receive an AC plug with my package I tried plugging it onto the main power using the iPhone’s power adaptor. No issue there, but it would be good if this cable is longer or at least retractable.

The battery takes about 2 hours to fully charge via USB, and about the same on AC direct power. With the unit fully charged I am ready to get it tested.

The field test

I had the opportunity to test the charger on the following phones:

  • Nokia N97
  • Nokia 6220 classic
  • Sony Erricson G900
  • iPhone 3G
  • iPhone 3GS

I think the N97 has the biggest battery in the list. The charger was impressive, while it took about an hour to discharge its battery into the phone’s I was able to use the phone for the quick emergency calls. Since the cable that connects to the phone is retractable the charger is not necessarily cumbersome, and can be stored out of the way.

The tests on the iPhone 3G and 3GS were interesting. Since I didn’t know the capacity of the battery of the two phones, I wanted to see how much of the battery was recharged with the charger. The results were impressive. As expected the charger could not fully charge the two iPhones, but came in handy for the emergency charge.

The Nokia 6220 classic’s 900mAH battery was the smallest amoung the phones I tested, but I found that the charger still didn’t charge the battery to its full 100%. This was also the same with the Sony Erricson G900 which I found to be disappointing.

Final Words and thoughts

It’s obvious that the 1200 travel charger is for users of smaller phones, especially if you want to be able to use it more than once like its slogan says. The unit is light and easy to carry around, even with its case. It’s good for emergencies, but would likely require to be charged daily if used.

The proporta charger has been designed with the mobile users in mind. I found it non suitable dangling from my desktop’s USB ports. It would probably require a longer cable to allow it to be plugged onto direct power.

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