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SNES running on Nokia N900

Posted by jestin Wednesday, September 30, 2009 0 comments

SNES on n900-2

Here’s a video of the DRNokSnes running on the Nokia N900, with wiicontrol to use wiimote and tvout for pure awesomeness. Video after the break…


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Nokia and Telefonica signs agreement to market Nokia Messaging in Latin America

Nokia and Telefónica announced today an agreement to launch Nokia’s email solution to the Latin American marketplace. With this agreement, Telefónica demonstrates its commitment to the development of mobile experiences in the region.

Nokia Messaging simplifies the mobilization of email. This solution allows easy access and management of up to 10 personal email accounts, simplifying the process and eliminating intermediate steps. Push technology ensures prompt delivery of mail directly to mobile devices. Nokia Messaging is compatible with thousands of internet and email service providers (ISPs) such as Terra, telefonica.net, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Windows Live Hotmail.

“With this service, Nokia and Telefonica seek to meet the growing demand from consumers to access their email accounts at all times, anywhere. With the adoption rate of mobile communications in the region at 80 percent, the potential to benefit millions of users with Nokia Messaging is extensive, “commented Marieta del Rivero, Vice President of Nokia for Telefonica. “The goal is to democratize the use of electronic mail on cell phones and take the mobile e-mail to the largest possible number of users,” he added.

Nokia Messaging is compatible with the wide portfolio of QWERTY keyboard Nokia devices available in the region like Nokia E71, Nokia E63 and Nokia E75, in addition to upcoming models such as the Nokia E72, and the Nokia 6790.

For more information on the Nokia Messaging service, visit http://email.nokia.com.

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iPhone I.D. Case

Posted by jestin 0 comments

The designers from Case-mate, talks about their latest creation, the iPhone 3G/3GS I.D case


  • Easily fits 2 credit card size items of your choice
  • Only 2.5 mm thicker than our slim, award-winning Barely There case
  • ez-slide protective film included
  • Screen protection kit included protects your iPhone
  • Access to all ports and controls

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Sony Ericsson Satio Review

The Sony Ericsson Sation gets reviewed by Rita over at Symbian-Guru. The Sony Ericsson Satio, codenamed Idou, is announced to be the manufacturer’s first all-in-one device, packing a 12-megapixel camera with Xenon flash, a Symbian S60 5th Edition OS, 3.5-inch touch-sensitive display with 16:9 widescreen format and a resolution of 360x640 pixels.

Sony Ericsson Satio -- Homescreen UI Walkthrough

Sony Ericsson Satio -- Camera UI Walkthrough

Sony Ericsson Satio -- Photo Browser UI Walkthrough

Sony Ericsson Satio -- Video Player UI Walkthrough

Sony Ericsson Satio -- Music Player UI Walkthrough

Sony Ericsson Satio -- Software Walkthrough, part 1

Sony Ericsson Satio -- Software Walkthrough, part 2

Sony Ericsson Satio -- Settings UI Walkthrough

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Mobile Review: Review of Nokia N900s Maemo5 OS

Mobile Review: Review of Nokia N900s Maemo5 OS

Eldar over at Mobile-Review has published his review of the Nokia N900 “Maemo 5″ OS. Head over to this article to read the review.

This write up will focus primarily on the software department of the N900, as well as its capabilities (by the way, another phone in this line-up, set to launch during summer 2010, won’t differ from the N900 in terms of hardware). And the best way to break down an OS is to run through every feature an app it has got on board. So, here goes.

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Symbian: OVI Mail Updated

The OVI Mail just got updated by the folks at Nokia Beta Labs. Grab it from here

Many of you have asked for S60 setup support for Ovi Mail and we’re happy to introduce it today. We just made the “Ovi Mail Setup” application available in Beta Labs for a wide range of S60 devices (see Download and Installation for supported devices).

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Nokia N900 and Maemo 5 Preview

Nokia N900 and Maemo 5 Preview

The Nokia N900 gets previewed by the folks at My-Symbian. Head over to their site to read the preview.

The N900 truly impressed me with its FANTASTIC PERFORMANCE, STABILITY (it was really ROCK STABLE, take my word), BEAUTIFUL and ADVANCED user interface, very high quality and full integration of TELEPHONY and INTERNET CONNECTIVITY, fast and powerful web browser, great support for VoIP (especially Skype), high quality camera and video recording and, actually, ALMOST EVERYTHING ELSE.

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