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Application on Ovi Store : Shazam Launches

Posted by jestin Monday, December 7, 2009 0 comments

Shazam Launches Enhanced Application on Ovi Store

Shazam, the world’s leading mobile music discovery provider, today announced announced the launch of its new application onto the Ovi Store by Nokia. The enhanced application includes extra features and functionality to help Nokia users go on a greater music journey than ever before: from the point of inspiration to learning more about the track and artist and purchasing the track straight to their mobile.

Shazam is available for download from the Ovi Store by Nokia at store.ovi.com for all Symbian S60 v3.2 and v5 models including Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, Nokia N97 and Nokia E72. Nokia will also be preloading Shazam onto many mobile handsets including the Nokia 5630 XpressMusic and Nokia X6.

“With the huge popularity of Shazam on the Ovi Store by Nokia following our summer promotion, we’re delighted to be able to offer an enhanced music journey that will let music lovers experience more about the music they hear around them,” said Andrew Fisher, CEO of Shazam. “Now many new Nokia users will get Shazam pre-loaded onto their devices in the future, and hundreds of millions more worldwide will be able to download Shazam now from the Ovi Store by Nokia.”

Shazam Launches Enhanced Application on Ovi Store Shazam Launches Enhanced Application on Ovi Store

Shazam on Nokia allows users to:

* Share a music moment: send Tags as a Tweet to followers; to Facebook mini-feed or by email to friends so they can add the Tag to their own collection in Shazam

* Preview and purchase: preview and download tracks direct to handset in the Nokia Music StoreShazam

* Watch videos on YouTube: watch artist’s videos and other music contentShazam

* Learn more about the music: read track and album reviews and artist biographies, plus see other music from the same artist and view song lyrics Shazam

* Find what’s hot and popular: view Shazam music charts, generated by millions of other Shazamers, to keep up to date with the new tracks and players in the music sceneShazam

* Search music: easily find music by artist, album or track from Shazam’s database of 8 million songsShazam

* Personalise Tags: capture the moment by taking and adding a photo or attach an existing picture to Tags. These shots are then seamlessly added to the Nokia photo albumShazam

* Store pending Tags: even when users don’t have data connection, they can still capture the music moment. The pending Tag can be sent later when they are back within access of data coverage or WiFi connectivityShazam

* Access the world of Shazam: users can register to access their list of Tags online and receive special offers, newsletters, feature updates and moreShazam

Users will be given a 30 day free trial of the fully featured application from the first time they use it on the device. After 30 days, users can continue Shazaming for free on a limited feature and tagging basis or choose to upgrade to the fully-featured, unlimited usage version for a one-off fee of $4.99, €3.99 or £2.99, depending on location. If users have previously downloaded and used the promotional version of Shazam, they will be prompted to upgrade to the new Shazam application with a 30 day free trial. All existing users, once registered, will also be able to view their Tag history online at shazam.com.

At launch, Shazam will be available in French, Canadian-French, German, Spanish, Latin American Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Portuguese, Brazilian-Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, Dutch, Bulgarian and Mexican Spanish. Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Polish, Romanian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Arabic and Hebrew will be available very soon.

To enjoy the Shazam application on your Nokia device, visit store.ovi.com.

Currently there are Nokia Music Stores in 22 countries: Australia, Austria, Brazil, Finland, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom.

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LG eXpo

This is a video demo of the LG eXpo Smartphone with AuthenTec’s Smart Sensor Technology. I would love to have this feature on my next phone ^^

The LG eXpo is a business-oriented smartphone, running the Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system. It packs features we do not see very often in cell phones like a detachable pico projector and a fingerprint sensor. The eXpo also sports a 3.2-inch screen and a slide-out QWERTY keyboard.

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Samsung announces the Samsung i8910 HD Gold Edition

The Samsung I8910 HD Gold Edition brings together high performance, style, multimedia and functionality in one device. This special edition comes in two fashionable colors — Champagne Gold and Luxury Brown — both of which are inlayed with 24 karat gold, giving the device an extra touch of style. The Gold Edition package also includes a leather case, together with special accessories including a mini-cradle and TV-out cable to enhance its superb multimedia features.

Like the original I8910 HD, which has won numerous awards including European Camera Phone in the 2009-2010 European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) Awards, the Gold Edition provides the ultimate multimedia and digital entertainment experience with its HD capabilities including the world’s first 720P HD video recording and decoding on a mobile phone.

“We are launching the Samsung I8910 HD Gold Edition for those who enjoy the amazing multimedia experience and features it offers, and want an extra touch of style and sophistication with their mobile phone,” said Younghee Lee, vice president of the Mobile Communication Division, Samsung Electronics. “The I8910 HD Gold Edition demonstrates our vision to provide phones for every customer, while delivering functionality, style, usability and entertainment in each innovative device.”

Samsung announces the Samsung i8910 HD Gold Edition

HD video recording

The I8910 HD Gold Edition’s video recording feature enables HD quality (720p) video capture. Further, users can enjoy HD content on an HDTV via DLNA technology and share real-time live video via the video sharing site qik.com. The 16:9 screen with 16 million colors and dual stereo speakers allow users to experience SD (Standard Definition) and HD videos in cinema-scale quality.

Convergence and Ease of Use

Featuring an industry-leading 8 megapixel camera, the Samsung I8910 HD Gold Edition empowers users to take digital camera-quality photographs. The 16 Gigabytes (GB) of internal memory with the addition of a 32GB microSD card provides storage of up to 48GB, or the equivalent of 35 DVD-quality movies or 18,000 photographs of 8 megapixels.

The 3.7” Auto-Rotating AMOLED Display offers PC-like Web surfing on the phone coupled with super-fast Internet access on HSUPA 5.76Mbps and HSDPA 7.2Mbps. A GPS with an integrated compass allows the I8910 HD Gold Edition to accommodate both pedestrians and drivers. The navigation touch control and voice guidance via dual stereo speakers makes travel easy and safe for drivers.

The I8910 HD Gold Edition’s intuitive 3D interface gives users the ability to move around and multi-task seamlessly. Motion-enabled features, including 3D games, make it easy and exciting to enjoy the best ever mobile multimedia experiences, while a single touch Samsung Mobile Widget delivers choice up-to-date information, creating a personalized interface with which to access the infinite wealth of web content.

The Samsung I8910 HD Gold Edition will be available beginning this month in selected markets including Singapore, Germany and the Middle East.

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Symabook is Facebook Platform application for S60 5th Edition and later for S60 3rd Edition mobile phones. Symabook features user interface that is not seen before in S60 devices.

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Opera releases new betas of Opera Mini 5 and Opera Mobile 10

Opera today launched the second beta versions of Opera Mini 5 and Opera Mobile 10, available as free downloads. In this second beta release, Opera Mini and Opera Mobile users can now enjoy popular desktop features, such as Opera Link and the Download Manager, from their mobile phones.

With Opera Link, users can synchronize personal browser settings with their Opera desktop browser, as well as all their connected devices, ensuring that their bookmarks, Speed Dial and search engines are always accessible. The Download Manager gives users a better way to control and speed up downloads to mobile phones.

Opera releases new betas of Opera Mini 5 and Opera Mobile 10

Opera continues its mission to unify its browser products, and today’s beta release is no exception. Features further polished in the second beta release are the unified look and feel across Opera’s browser products, the visual bookmarks known as Speed Dial, and tabbed browsing, one of the most popular innovations in browsing history.

“For Opera, status quo is not an option. We are always improving our products, adding new functionality and features to deliver a faster and more personal Web experience,” said Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software. “Also, unifying the look and feel, regardless of device, makes it easy for anyone to get online anywhere, anytime.”

The far-reaching popularity of Opera Mini continues to grow month after month. Opera reports that almost 40 million people used Opera Mini in October, saving the consumers 9.4 billion USD per year just by choosing Opera Mini.

Download Opera Mini 5 beta 2 / Opera Mobile 10 directly to your phone by pointing your phones browser to: m.opera.com/next/

New in Opera Mobile 10 beta 2:
Opera releases new betas of Opera Mini 5 and Opera Mobile 10

Intuitive interface

Merging the best from our desktop browser with new innovations for phones, Opera Mobile is advanced and intuitive to use.

Opera releases new betas of Opera Mini 5 and Opera Mobile 10

Faster browsing

Opera Mobile 10 beta is faster at rendering pages, zooming, panning and almost everything else you do with a browser. And pages load up to 50% faster than the previous version.

Opera releases new betas of Opera Mini 5 and Opera Mobile 10

Speed Dial

Get to your favorite Web page with just one click, with a set of visual bookmarks that appear when you open a new tab. To add a new page, simply click on an empty Speed Dial slot.

Opera releases new betas of Opera Mini 5 and Opera Mobile 10

Tabbed browsing

Browse several Web sites at the same time. Check your email in one window, Facebook in another, and Twitter in a third, all while easily jumping from one tab to another.

Opera Mini 5 and Opera Mobile 10 screenshots:

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nokia e72

CJ demoes the email client on the Nokia E72. The Nokia E72 expands the range of full QWERTY smartphones, offering a robust messaging device with lightning fast web connectivity. Enhancements over the popular E71 include a 5 megapixel autofocus camera, 3.5mm audio jack, richer instant messaging support, and even a torch with a tap of the space bar. A new version of QuickOffice delivers more Office 2007 support than ever before, and the E72 offers an impressive 12.5 hours talktime (2G), and 480 hours standby.


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Motorola Droid commercial   Its not a princess, its a robot!

Another cool Motorola Droid commercial, check it out after the break.

Its not a princess, its a robot. A phone that trades hair-do for can-do. In a world of doesnt. Droid Does

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Review: Intoro skins

Review: Intoro skins

Intoro Skins makes what their name says, skins. Not any type of skin but custom made meaning you can get any picture you want to get onto your personalized skins.

So I went over to intoroskins.co.uk website and placed my order. Designing is pretty simple since the user only has to upload his/her picture(or simply choose those that are already available on the site) and choose where how they would like to position their picture using a simple flash interface. But the most difficult time was when I went on to place my order, the site seems to have problems in remembering you login and continuously makes re-login after every page, very annoying but this only occurs when you try to order more than 1 design.

Review: Intoro skins

But after that I finally managed to receive my skins. The front face of the pamphlet in which the skins came in.

Review: Intoro skins

The back of the pamphlet which includes the skins features and application instruction.

Review: Intoro skins

A 2 year warranty card telling that the skin you ordered was made to last.

Review: Intoro skins

Skin 1 – Leopard

Review: Intoro skins

Skin 2 – My own design…

Application of the skins are fairly simple since instructions are already given at the back of the pamphlet(look at the pictures above).

Review: Intoro skins

The front

Review: Intoro skins

The back.

The skin sits on the device perfectly and even has a cut-out for the proximity sensor and for the camera at the back:

Review: Intoro skins

The Hole for the proximity sensor.

Review: Intoro skins

The Hole for the camera.

Review: Intoro skins

The skin has a nice look, especially in dim light…

Review: Intoro skins

Sadly, the sides of the device aren’t covered, ruining the effect…

But the skin isn’t all about praise. There are also many negative points.

  • Since the skin covers the front of the device there is no way to put a screen protector on the screen thus leaving it vulnerable to scratches.
  • The Skin does not cover the sides of the device thus ruining the whole continuity of a picture as displayed on the website.
  • The skin is not all that resistant. I got a few scratches(unintentional) after just a few days of usage:

Review: Intoro skins

All in all, the skins are quite a good choice for people who don’t want bulky cases for their iPhones(or other devices). This type of skins is quite fashionable but still gives the assurance that the back of the iphone won’t get scratched…

Available at 7.99 Euro over at intoroskins.co.uk, I would give the skins a rating of 2.7/5.

(Get 20% discount by adding this promo code when ordering the intoro skin: dailymobile20)

Verdict: 50-50, if you are a protection freak, go get yourself some real cases otherwise, go for IntoroSkins.

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