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Ford Announces Mobile APIs for SYNC with Stitcher, OpenBeak, and  Pandora

Developers will soon be able to make their mobile phone applications accessible by Ford’s SYNC connectivity system. Radio service Stitcher, twitter client OpenBeak, and music discovery service Pandora have already adapted their apps in a relatively short amount of time, allowing basic control through voice or steering wheel/console buttons.

Video by IntoMobile

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n900 web

James from Tracy and Matt gives us a quick demo and tour of the Nokia N900…

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Ovi Store by Nokia delivers content and applications

Posted by jestin Wednesday, January 6, 2010 0 comments

nokia e71x AT&T

White Plains, NY ? Today, Nokia and AT&T announced that Ovi Store by Nokia is now available to AT&T customers using the following Nokia devices ? the Nokia E71x, Nokia Surge, Nokia Mural, Nokia 6650, Nokia 6555 or Nokia 6350 ? with more devices to come. These AT&T customers will also be able to download free and paid content from Ovi Store with the convenience of charging their paid content purchases directly to their monthly AT&T bill.

To get started, AT&T customers with these select Nokia devices* can simply visit store.ovi.com from their device browser to begin downloading personalized content, like apps, games, ringtones, productivity tools, movie trailers and more.

  • Step one: go to store.ovi.com from your Nokia device from AT&T
  • Step two: once at store.ovi.com you will be prompted to download the Ovi Store application
  • Step three: enjoy great content and applications for your Nokia device with AT&T.

“Nokia is happy to bring the exciting content available through Ovi Store by Nokia to AT&T customers in an easy way with a convenient billing solution,” said David Petts, Vice President and General Manager, AT&T account, Nokia. “Ovi Store provides consumers with mobile content and applications from some of the most recognized developers and publishers from around the world, and we are now thrilled to deliver compelling content to AT&T customers with a payment solution that simplifies access and use.”

Ovi Store by Nokia delivers content and applications with  convenient billing to AT&T customers

Ovi Store is Nokia?s one-stop-shop for free and paid content, with support for a range of device types from smartphones to feature phones. Globally, Nokia device owners, in more than 180 countries, across more than 100 Nokia device models in 30 languages have access to Ovi Store.

Many of the content industry’s biggest names along with independent application developers are distributing their media, applications and games through Ovi Store by Nokia. Content providers and application developers interested in distributing their content through Ovi Store should visit publish.ovi.com

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sonyericsson robyn

Meet the new device from the Sony Ericsson XPERIA series. The Sony Ericsson Robyn is a compact device that runs on the Android OS. The phone has a 5.0 MP camera, micro USB port, Wifi and a 3.5mm audio jack (Unfortunately there are no other specs for the device)


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Apple buys the ad company

Posted by jestin Tuesday, January 5, 2010 0 comments

Apple buys the ad company Quattro Wireless for $275 Million

Apple is set to announce that it has acquired the ad company Quattro Wireless for $275 million, several sources confirmed. The announcement of the acquisition might come as soon as today, upping the ante in the mobile advertising business significantly.


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Nexus One Official

Posted by jestin 0 comments

Googles Nexus One Official

After many leaks and hands-on’s the Nexus One has just been officially released by Google a few minutes back. Unvieled by Peter Chou, CEO of HTC and head in the creation of the Nexus One’s hardware the superphone(as its called by google) is what the leaks predicted:

- The specs match previous leaks. It’s a 3.7? AMOLED display with a trackball.

- It comes with features such as a light sensor, GPS, and accelerometer. These are all features pioneered by Apple’s iPhone.

- It’s 130 grams in weight and 11.5 mm in width, about the width of a standard #2 pencil.

- The camera is 5MP with LED flash.

- The audio has received an upgrade. It has two microphones, one of which is used for noise cancellation.

- Customization is a key to the Nexus One. There are five home screens to cusotmize your interface.

- Google showed off some of its dynamic touchscreen features of the software.. For example, one of the wallpapers is a lake with leaves. When you touch it, it will ripple. It’s quite nifty, actually.

- They worked with the team at CoolIris to visualize photons on the Nexus One in a 3D environment. If you tap on an album, you’ll be able to quickly scan and load photos. You can also tip and dip photos based on your hand motions and the accelerometer.

Go to the Google Official Technical Sheet for more in-depth specs

Googles Nexus One Official

As you can see from the above picture, Google is comparing the device to a pencil even though the phone isn’t ground-breakingly thin.

Note: This post will be updated as soon as some more info is revealed soon

Update; Live pics of the phone in action, courtesy of Mashable

Googles Nexus One Official

The Calender

Googles Nexus One Official

Browsing a list(I cant really understand what the list is about)

Googles Nexus One Official

Google Earth on the Nexus One, similar to the one on the iPhone

You can also go to google.com/phone for more info on the Nexus One, deeper technical specifications and order pages.

So which one of you guys are going to be purchasing this phone tonight?


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How to improve the reception on a mobile broadband modem

Posted by jestin Monday, January 4, 2010 0 comments

mobile modem

Here’s a funny video on how to improve the connection / reception on a mobile broadband modem. Check it out after the break…

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Nokia X6 Unboxing

Posted by jestin 0 comments

nokia x6

Matt unboxes the new Nokia X6 in this video and tours the hardware and user interface. Nokia X6 is the most technologically advanced music-oriented handset of the manufacturer to date and sports 3.2-inch touch sensitive screen, 32GB built-in memory, 5-megapixel camera with double LED flash and Carl Zeiss optics, A-GPS, 3.5mm jack and battery that will allow 35hrs of continuous audio playback.


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9 different homescreens on the Nokia N900

Posted by jestin Saturday, January 2, 2010 0 comments

nokia n900 desktop

Jay from MyNokiaBlog demoes 9 different homescreens on his Nokia N900. Video after the break…

Read more over at MyNokiaBlog

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nokia n900

Here are tons of hands-on videos of the Nokia N900, everything from boot time to web browsing and facebook.

The videos covers:

  • Booting
  • Desktop, Shortcut and Widget
  • Desktop Background Changing
  • OS without Cancel/Back button
  • Multi Tasking
  • Camera
  • Photo Tagging
  • Phone
  • Web Browser and Facebook

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Nokia N900 Firmware Update

Posted by jestin Friday, January 1, 2010 0 comments

Nokia N900 Firmware Update Brings Long Press Symbols/NumbersNokia N97 qwerty users were recently blessed with the introduction of the long-keypress which allows users to access symbols and numbers via this method. This function is sadly missing in the Nokia N900 but this will soon be remedied in the next firmware update as part of the internal build version 2009.52-10, according to Maemo Bugmaster Andre Klapper.


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Release Candidate v1.0   Firefox Mobile for Nokia Maemo N900

The Release Candidate of Firefox Mobile 1.0 is available for Nokia’s Maemo N900. The release is dated 31 December 2009. Download the new Release by visiting Firefox.com/m via your Nokia N900. You are encouraged to provide feedback and bug reports.

Whats New:

  • Easy Web Navigation
  • Optimisation for Touch Interface
  • Synchronise Seamlessly
  • Increased Security

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