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Nokia N900 Firmware Update

Posted by jestin Friday, January 1, 2010 0 comments

Nokia N900 Firmware Update Brings Long Press Symbols/NumbersNokia N97 qwerty users were recently blessed with the introduction of the long-keypress which allows users to access symbols and numbers via this method. This function is sadly missing in the Nokia N900 but this will soon be remedied in the next firmware update as part of the internal build version 2009.52-10, according to Maemo Bugmaster Andre Klapper.


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Release Candidate v1.0   Firefox Mobile for Nokia Maemo N900

The Release Candidate of Firefox Mobile 1.0 is available for Nokia’s Maemo N900. The release is dated 31 December 2009. Download the new Release by visiting Firefox.com/m via your Nokia N900. You are encouraged to provide feedback and bug reports.

Whats New:

  • Easy Web Navigation
  • Optimisation for Touch Interface
  • Synchronise Seamlessly
  • Increased Security

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