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Nintendo : little upset

Posted by jestin Monday, December 7, 2009

Nintendo investigating possible copyright infringement in the new Nokia N900

nokia n900

After the recent Nokia video showcasing it’s nokia N900 playing old SNES games through the use of an emulator. Because of this, Nintendo seems to be a little upset and claim that the video(which has since been taken down) showing somebody playing Super Mario World & Super Mario Bros. 3 could be a copyright infringement.

nokia n900 running super mario

In an interview by Edge, according to Robest Saunders, Nintendo’s UK PR Manager, they shall be taking “rigorous steps” to protect the rights of these games, however old they are but they are still waiting for a verdict from their legal team which is still examining whether the video is a legitimate copyright ingfringment.

Whatever Nintendo does on the legal front with Nokia, they know that there is always this community of hackers that have been playing these games on smartphones since ages so this story shoudnt really affect us consumers directly.

[Thx rwishi and Toni Rönn]

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