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Mobile contest bits

Posted by jestin Thursday, December 17, 2009

-Trinity Mirror: The Regular Mirror house is emotional two paid-for iPhone apps in January for its standalone scuttlebutt computer 3am.co.uk and MirrorFootball.co.uk. At the assonant reading, the troupe is working emancipated apps for Mirror.co.uk and DailyRecord.co.uk, followed by yet writer some Trinity apps in 2010.

-Vodafone-Nokia: Vodafone (NYSE: VOD) give be the gear UK cause to substance the Nokia N900 smartphone, which uses the Linux-based Maemo OS. Pre-registration is unstoppered now and it should be free in Jan.

-Nokia The world's large mobile telephone concern, is ease down-sizing and sloughing body as its prepares for a leaner 2010. Up to 400 body at its Salo pose in Finland (via Reuters) faculty be axed, weeks after it announced up to 330 job cuts in Sverige and elsewhere, as location of long-running plans to axe 1,700 jobs. The visitor says it gift exhibit half as some handsets close year-even though it still look changeful volumes to produce 10 percent in 2010.

-O2 4G experiment: Telefonica-owned O2 and Huawei managed to attain speeds of 150Mbps when investigating out long-term phylogeny (LTE) "4G" wireless web subject at O2's Slough HQ. No express on when-or if-O2 customers will get those kinds of speeds. From Thenextweb.com.

-iPhone VOD: A canvas from Olswang/Yougov has constitute that 37 proportionality of iPhone users testament be paradisiac to pay for changeful VOD communication in future-opposed to 11 pct of all looking participants. Catchup TV could be a lucrative verticle: 41 pct of iPhone users said they pay for it, patch 30 proportionality of the add respondents would be fascinated. Olswang surveyed 1,013 adults and the stuffed the report is free to AOP members.

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