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i Phone Tip: Modify your SSH password to prevent getting virus

Posted by jestin Wednesday, December 2, 2009

iPhone Tip: Change your SSH password to prevent getting virus

As you may have read on other sites a new virus is spreading on the jailbroken iPhones. The virus uses the default password in SSH to take over the phone, but there is a simple way to prevent the virus to take over the phone and it is by changing the default code for SSH

Just follow these simple steps to change the default SSH password:

  1. Install the “Mobile Terminal” through Cydia
  2. Run Mobile Terminal and type “su root” (press “enter”)
  3. Enter the password, which is “alpine” as the default (hit “Enter”)
  4. Type “passwd” (press “enter”)
  5. Confirm password twice (to confirm with “enter”)
  6. Done :)

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