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5230 firware updated - v11.0.079

Posted by jestin Saturday, December 12, 2009

Nokia 5230 firmware updated to v11.0.079

The Nokia 5230 got a new firmware update and the new version v11.0.079 can be downloaded from NSU (included in PC Suit). Dont forget to backup your important data before updating the firmware (changelog after the break)

Changelog for Nokia 5230 v11.0.079:

  • Camera : logical name “qtn_lcam_cmd_rename_image” (Rename image) displays in Options.
  • Calibration UI text layout is out of range
  • Chat messages goes to wrong window
  • Sometimes it is difficult to close the details pop-up
  • Active voice call + proximity activation + turning of the device, to cause black display
  • Mail for Exchange is “uncertified” for Simon HW variants
  • MFE: Some items of Options in MFE can not be localized to Chinese.
  • Contacts: New contact doesn’t add to the home screen after adding a photo to the contact.
  • Games in wrong folder after backup restore
  • OVI contacts:The order of the E-mail address is displayed incorrectly when adding friend in OVI contacts.
  • Phone responds “Installer already in use” when trying to install applications
  • Album art cannot be viewed if changed with music player (Huriganes)
  • Unable to create MfE account into phone
  • UI: Welcome logo is not displayed completely after rebooting.

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