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music player on Nokia 5800, N97 and 5530(AUTOMATIC PAUSE)

Posted by jestin Thursday, November 26, 2009

For Your Ears Only is a Symbian app that automatically pauses the music player when the headset is disconnected.It is inspired by how Android works, and also headphone daemon for Maemo. At the moment, only Symbian (S60 5th edition) onwards is supported. Specifically, it has been tested on the Nokia 5800.For Your Ears Only is a rough prototype, and should be improved with a background running auto starting daemon.

Usage Steps:

1. Install “For Your Ears Only”. BUT DON’T START AS YET

2. Start the music player (must be started before For Your Ears Only starts)

3. Start For Your Ears Only

4. Connect a headset

5. Play music in the music player

6. Pull out the headset cord – music stops!

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