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iPhone app: Cocoto Kart Review

Posted by jestin Friday, November 27, 2009

iPhone app: Cocoto Kart Online Review

Neko Entertainment and Eurocenter teamed up to bring the most console-quality like kart racer to the iPhone and iPod touch. Drive in volcano worlds, in the sky, up in the trees, slide on ice, use turbos, take shortcuts by jumping over platforms. 12 unique drivers are fully animated. The online mode includes multiplayer races and battle mode where you try to shoot the opponents 3 times.


  • 10 tracks plus 5 battle mode maps
  • 4 difficulty modes including mirror mode
  • Unique high quality soundtracks for each world
  • More than 100 sound effects including voice acting for the characters
  • 12 unique characters and karts with various animations for steering, accelerating
  • 8 drivers are available at the start, unlock 4 additional characters by winning the grand prix
  • Unlock the super kart by winning the gold cup in mirror mode
  • Many particle effects for accelerating, steering, sliding, jumping
  • Various controls: use tilt with or without auto-steering or console-like controls with digital pad
  • Online multiplayer mode with instant-play: always find players, no waiting time

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