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SnAp iT !

Posted by jestin Saturday, September 19, 2009

You just got yourself a new hi megapixel camera phone and now you can’t get close enough to your subject to get a good pic..or worse you don’t how to use the camera to the mAX!!SnAp iT !

Don’t worry.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and gurls, dudes and dudettes, I present to you a page wherein you’ll find a solution to almost every camera problem. CHeck it out! :)

Exploiting your Imaging Phone to the max!

Ever been in the dilema when you think that the Excellent Camera Phone that you have is of no good in your hands?? When you thought that a good cam in the hands of an unproffesional is useless???Fear not ‘cuz Symbian Freaks Photography Expert Bigley Ling has some advise for you, and i for one vouch that it’s excellent! Check out the pics in this blog especially of the n93 and the Vaja cases and you’ll see what i mean ;) ..So what are you waiting for?? Get over here and turn yourself into the photographer that your phone wants you to be!!

Read it Here!

Maximum Zoo0OM!

Mobile phones with cameras are proving to be immensely useful for many purposes, mainly because they have the advantage of always being with you. If you feel that you need a phone that can make use of a zoom camera when you need it then you just have got to read this post!!

But if 6x zoom ain’t enough for you..well then…check this one out – it’s a mean gadget from Brando and is bound to turn your eyes(literally) ‘cuz it ain’t just a lens, it’s a telescope!..see it here!

Read about 6x Here!
Read about 7×18 Here!!

Courtesy SymbianPileUp.

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