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Video: Nokia SU-33W Mobile TV Receiver

Posted by jestin Friday, July 31, 2009

Nokia SU-33W Mobile TV Receiver demo. All you need to have is the mobile DVB-H coverage. Whether you want up-to-the-minute news or entertainment that travels with you while you’re on the go, now you can surf your favorite shows on your mobile screen.

With a Nokia Mobile TV Receiver SU-33W you can:

* receive DVB-H mobile TV broadcasting via Bluetooth on your compatible Nokia mobile device
* watch your favorite mobile TV programs and channels while on the go
* enjoy excellent reception with the integrated antenna
* receive voice calls while watching TV without interrupting what you’re watching

Technical Specifications

* Dimensions: 92.4 x 45 x 9.8 mm (W,L,T)

* Weight: 57 g

* Operationtime typical: Up to 12 hours

* Chargingtime: Typically3 hours

* Color: Black and metallic

* Power: Changeable Nokia BL-5C battery

* DVB-H: AntennaInternal

* Interface Bluetooth: v2.0 + EDR

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